CHRISTOPHER HOFFMAN (Production Coordinator, El Grande CIRCUS de Coca-Cola) has been building sets and running light boards ever since high school. During college he worked at LATC and for the Los Angeles Opera as well as on the running crew for countless shows at The Shrine Auditorium. In New York, Chris got to work in a ton of great theaters as well as building half a dozen or so shows from the ground up on Theater Row.

During his years working for The Skylight Theatre Company, he has worked on the world premieres of La Ronde de Lunch, Influence, The Jesus Hickey, Birthday Present 2050, A Death in Colombia, Hermetically Sealed, Beautified, Tomorrow, Rogue Machine’s Dirty Filthy Love Story, The Wrong Man, Pray to Ball, Bullrusher, Reasons to Live, and most recently, Dontrell Who Kissed the Sea.

November, 2015