Gordon Goodman

Gordon GoodmanGordon Goodman (SS Captain, The Grand Tour) is a veteran singer, composer, writer, actor, lecturer and artist. He grew up on a cattle ranch where at 12 he began writing concertos and by 16 began a career as a classical baritone soloist with symphonies like the London City Symphony, Prague Symphony, Sofia Radio Symphony, Pasadena, Utah, Phoenix, San Diego Symphonies, etc. 

His dozens of roles for the professional stage go from Anna Christie and A Thousand Clowns, to Oklahoma! and Carousel, and even the Professor in Gilligan’s Island, The Musical. 

During work on television, film, stage, or voice-over he has worked with Bob Hope, Jack Nicholson, John Raitt, Johnny Depp, Rich Little, Jim Carrey, Steve Martin, Tim Curry, and Henry Mancini. 

A published composer and author, he has authored 3 novels, 13 screenplays, 8 musicals (including the new Hunchback of Notre Dame with a full cast from the renowned Musical Theatre Guild), the Self-Help Book Invasion of the Belief Creatures, and is author and illustrator of 10 children’s books on audio including Opera Goats, (plus Emma and the Gobbletygoos, dramatized by a cast from Days of Our Lives - proceeds going to children with eye cancer [RBI]). 

Gordon has a BA in Business, an MS in Psychology, a black belt in martial arts, has lectured to thousands throughout the United States on subconscious behavior, and his portrait and sculpture art is on display in exclusive private collections across the country.

November, 2005