Aaron Hendry

Aaron HendryAaron Hendry (Hunter, Climbing Everest) is an actor, horseman, trapeze artist, swashbuckler and lover of life. He began his career in the back of a Ford pickup traveling through Canada and Alaska. Following rave reviews from his brother and two dogs for his one-man reinactment of several 1970’s motion pictures, Aaron was encouraged to join Pier One Theatre, a small traveling company, at the age of thirteen.

Since arriving in Los Angeles, Aaron has performed with such companies as Trade City Productions, Myo Dance, DIAVOLO Dance Theatre, and, most prominently, The Theatricum Botanicum, where he has starred in such plays as The Seagull, The Winter’s Tale, and The Cradle Will Rock.

Taking a break from the swimming pools and movie stars, Aaron has recently gone back on the road, performing throughout Italy in the multilingual swashbuckling and puppeteering extravaganza, Le Aventura Cule e Glissado, Due Grandiossi Spadacini.

Submitted on April 1, 2005