by John Markus & Mark St. Germain
A barbershop quartet who's been belting out close harmonies for twenty years suddenly loses its lead singer, who dropped dead at the Regionals on a heart-stopping high C. The three surviving members must cease their bickering and race to find a replacement in time for Nationals. They hear a tenor with a gorgeous voice, but when he shows up he's a dark-skinned Indian in a turban who is also an illegal immigrant. And one of the quartet is Archie Bunker. A wonderful comedy about the journey they take to find their voice together.

“Pure fun from the opening scene to the final curtain call…A hit show for sure!”


Buy Tickets     July 25 – August 23, 2015

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Five stars! A
tidal wave of laughter flows from the stage at the Colony Theatre....The Fabulous Lipitones is simply peerless...A brilliant look at real world life and behavior richly soaked in abundant humor...Delivers nearly two hours of pure joy and unstoppable laughter...This is the best damn show currently onstage in the greater Los Angeles area. Do not miss it."

"If The Fabulous Lipitones sounds funny, it is, but not for the reasons you think. There are lots of surprises here, making the unpredictability of this comedy shine the brightest. Bravo to the Colony once more for coming up with such an imaginative and entertaining piece of theatre! Five out of five stars!"

"If you like barbershop quartets, you must see this play. If you appreciate clever dialogue and fine acting, you must see this play. If you are reading must see this play! It's so hilarious and entertaining, it took two writers to create it and what a great, refreshing job they did....This delightful California premiere is loaded with laughs, up to date topical references and rocks under the deft direction of co-writer JohnMarkus. I repeat (for the fourth time), you must see this show!"

"With an elaborately designed set, wonderful harmonizing from the quartet and solid writing, The Fabulous Lipitones remains charmingly entertaining and earnestly insightful from beginning to end."

Burbank Independent