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June 19th - July 29th

Stage and Screen Camp

We are thrilled to announce this year’s exciting summer camp! Our program will provide young people with a place to explore their creativity and develop a connection to the stage and camera, while being guided by caring industry professionals. It will be a fun and learning experience for kids 8-12.

Stage CampScreen Camp

Colony Kids Stage and Screen Camp brings campers into the worlds of theatre AND film. Over the course of 6 weeks (Monday–Friday, 8:30 AM–1:30 PM), campers will experience what actually goes into staging a play and shooting a film in a safe and nurturing environment that empowers them to realize their personal and artistic potential. Fill out our signup form at the bottom of this page.

They will enjoy learning about playwriting, screenplay writing, acting, directing, production design, cinematography, editing, lighting, costumes, and sound.

It will be the ultimate arts experience, from rehearsal to performance, from script development to filming.

The final day of camp will be very exciting! Campers will present the plays and films they have created over the course of the six weeks in their own Theatre and Film Festival. It’s free and open to family and friends as well as paying public. When the curtain goes up, or the lights go down, it will be show time!

The Stage and Screen Camp package includes:


Open to all skill levels; no previous experience is necessary to enroll.

Only $475 for the entire program! 


A six week intensive where we will introduce youth ages 8-12 to the world of creating stories that inspire and motivate through their unique voices.

We will focus on the particulars and development that go into creating a short play (5 pages or less) and a short film (5 minutes or less). Plays can be set in any location, and sets will be very minimal. For film, we will ask the students to create a story which centers around the setting of the Colony Theatre. With these parameters as their guide, each student will try to think outside the box to deliver a story. The students will be coached along the way.

Each group will consist of ten students—A group and B group, or what we like to call, The Tony Group (theater)/ The Oscar Group (film). The Tony Group will focus on a play that each student will write, cast and rehearse over the course of three weeks. During the Monday through Friday sessions, the writer of each piece will also serve as director. Each student will be given a role either onstage or offstage, including props, set design, lighting, stage manager, wardrobe, etc. Simultaneously, The Oscar Group will be following the same template—instead of stage manager, each film will be assigned an Assistant Director—but instead of theater rehearsals, we will film their pieces with a professional camera. During their three-week intensive, each student will sit with an editor and edit their pieces, with a mentor guiding him or her along.

At the end of the three weeks, the two groups will swap. They will follow the same template as the prior three weeks. At the end of the six weeks, we will produce a gala, with a celebrity host, where each project, twenty in all, will be presented in front of a live audience in an exciting Theatre and Film Festival.

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