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Season Info

The Only Game in Town
by Frank Gilroy

Time O'Hare, Francesca Casale

Associate Producer
Artististic Advisor
Light and Sound Design
Light Programmer
Production Stage Manager
Stage Manager


Artwork and Programs
House Managers

D.C. Anderson
Francesca Casale
Mark Kaplan
Michael Wadler
Russ Boris
Henry Candelaria
Rick Pedersen
Laura Widener
Laura Dwan
Lon Huber
Keith King
Craig Maher
John Orona
Aries Abelais
Taniqua Johnson
Lana Donovan
Dink O'Neal
Elizabeth Teichert
Fran Walker
Joe Grady
Thomas Lockwood
Francesca Casale
Tim O'Hare
Charles Howerton
The Only Game in Town is a Colony Second Stage Production
performed on the set of Aftershocks, running concurrently.

The entire action of the play takes place in Frank Walker's trailer in a trailer park just off the strip in Las Vegas
Act I
Scene 1
Scene 2
Scene 3
Scene 4
Scene 5
Scene 6
Scene 7
Three A.M., two years ago
An hour later
Noon, the next day
Two A.M., the same day
Seven A.M., the same day
Eight hours later
Three months later, Two A.M.
Act II
Scene 1
Scene 2
Last night
Dawn, this morning

Special Thanks:

Barbara Beckley, Lisa Beezley, Scott Segall, David Rose, Mary Rose Barry, The Packard Grill, Lavinia Arriaza, Sheri Galan, Kurt Boesen, Lana Donovan, Susan Savage, Daniel Lam, Amanda Diamond, Michael Wadler, Catherine Springer, Ivy Bethune, Melissa Hanson, Laura Widener, Rick Pedersen, John Paval, Nina Minton, Judith Goldstein, Dink O'Neal, and Elilzabeth Teichert