Climbing Everest

Margit Ahlin

Climbing Everest

Producing Director
Scenic Design
Lighting Design
Sound Design
Costume Design
Properties Design
Production Stage Manager
Marketing/Public Relations
Production Stage Manager
House Manager
Lighting Operator
Back Stage Crew
Technical Director
Master Electrician
Set Construction
Lighting Crew

Special Effects

Casting Coordinator
Production Photography
Graphic Design

Al D’Andrea
Barbara Beckley

Yevgenia Nayberg

Steven Young

Drew Dalzell
A. Jeffrey Schoenberg
Robyn Taylor
Alisha Heistad David Elzer/Demand PR
Alisha Heistand
Lee Webb Pitts
Brian Cordoba
Spencer Howard
Robert T. Kyle
Jeremy Bryden
Pro Sets West, Inc.
James King
“Red” Colegrove

Richard Kyle
Robert T. Kyle
Jeremy Bryden
Patricia Cullen
Michael Lamont
Ty Donaldson Cowboy-Buddha Productions

(in order of speaking)

Mallory Falconer
George Falconer, Sir Andrew Julia Falconer, Neighbor
Hillary Falconer, Climber #3 Shipton Falconer, Climber #4 Climber #1, Fortune Teller, Dorjee, Sherpa
Climber #2, Moondog, Lopsang, Sherpa
Mr. D., Comrade Chang, Lama, Sherpa Hunter

Katie A. Keane
Tom Dugan

Carol Ketay

Aubrey Joy Saverino

Matthew Siegan
Peter Kwong

Michael Tolfo

Michael Yama
Aaron Hendry
Feodor Chin

Act One

Scene 1
Scene 2
Scene 3
Scene 4
Scene 5
Scene 6
Scene 7

Scene 8

Scene 9

Scene 10
Scene 11
Scene 12
Scene 13
Scene 14

The Ice Shelf; on Mount Everest, Nepal
Mom's Dining Room;  Aspen, Colorado
High Attitude
Mallory's Trailer
The Cemetery
Mom's Dining Room
The Royal Geographical Society; London, England
The Climbing & Trekking Association; Lhasa, Tibet
The Divination Shop
The Road to Shegar
Shegar Base Camp
The Monastery
Base Camp

Act Two

Scene 15
Scene 16
Scene 17
Scene 18
Scene 19
Scene 20
Scene 21
Scene 22
Scene 23
Scene 24
Scene 25
Scene 26
Scene 27

The Ice Shelf
The North Col
Camp Five
Mom's Dining Room
Camp Six
The First and Second Steps
The Cemetery
The Summit
The South Face
The South Col
The Western Cwm
The Ice Shelf
Kathmandu, Nepal

The time is June second of this year,
and the remembered past

The action takes place in
Nepal, Aspen, London and Tibet

The Author would like to thank:

Vic Chao, Tenzin Dorjee, Kunchok Gyaltsen, and Daniel Stewart (for help with the Mandarin, Tibetan and British-isms); Darin Anthony, Daniel Henning and the Blank Theatre Company (for hosting the first workshop); John Gowans (for sharing his experiences on Everest with cast and crew); Carmen Thomas, Jacqueline Wright and all the actors who participated in the developmental readings and workshops; Stephen Book; Tim Dang and the staff of East West Players; David Holmes, Wayne Liebman, Michael Wadler, Jeanmarie Pla, Judy Soo Hoo, David Rose and Tim Turner (for their useful feedback on the script); and most especially Barbara Beckley and the staff of the Colony Theatre Company for their generous support of this project.

Special Thanks

Derek Bjornsen, A Noise Within, Bardwell's on the Boulevard, Brad Brown, Burbank YMCA, The City of Burbank, The Colony Board of Trustees, Dr. Richard Feldman, Chris Garr,Demetrio James, Emergent Entertainment, Dr. Wayne Liebman, Donald Sage Mackay, Salvador Palacios, Patterson Graphics, Pomodoro Cucina, Rich Roche, Luciano Santini, Southwest Airlines, Wadler Data Systems, Lee Wochner, CounterIntuity,

Very Special Thanks

Patricia Cullen
Rich Lippman,
Ricky Vodka

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