Family Planning

by Michelle Kholos Brooks

Family Planning
Bruce Weitz and Christina Pickles

Scenic Designer
Costume Design
Lighting Design
Sound Design & Original Music
Properties Design & Set Dressing
Scenic Artist
Production Stage Manager
Public Relations
Technical Director
Assistant Directors
Assistant Stage Manager
Assistant Scenic Artist
Assistant Lighting Designer
Assistant Costume Designer
Assistant Sound Designer
Set Construction
Production Crew

Light Board Operator
Sound Board Operator
Stage Crew
Key Art
Production Photography

Cameron Watson
David Potts
Kate Bergh
Jared A. Sayeg
Steven Cahill
John McElveney
Orlando de la Paz
Dale Alan Cooke
David Elzer/Demand PR
Robert T. Kyle
Maureen Lenker, Shaina Rosenthal
Genetra Tull
Selina Woggermon
Hilda Kane
Sophea Samreth
Daniel Lundberg
Red Colegrove/Grove Scenery
Watson Bradshaw, Karen Forest, Cuyler Perry,
Christopher Rivera, Matthew Tsang
Brian Cordoba
Heather Waters
Aaron Batzdorf, Brie Quinn
Michael Lamont

(in order of speaking)


Dee Ann Newkirk
Jack Sundmacher
Christina Pickles
Bruce Weitz


A home in Westchester County, just outside New York City


Last Fall

Family Planning is performed without intermission
Running time: Approximately 90 minutes


I have a lot of gushing to do:

Family Planning was originally staged in 2012 as a workshop production at Pacific Resident Theatre. Eternal thanks to the PRT Writer’s Workshop and the following people who dedicated so much time and talent to the development of this play: Michael Rothhaar, Sarah Brooke, Tony Pasqualini, Valerie Dillman, and Michael Balsley. In addition I would like to thank Marilyn Fox, Norman Scott, Todd Lanker, Ron Cohen, Tania Getty, Amy Landecker, Ben Weber, Beverly Saunders, Arye Gross, Larry Pressman, Kelly Younger, Kevin Salter, Melissa Clark, Bruce Miller, and Mel, who reminded me that the house was a lifeboat.

Continued thanks to the EST Writer’s Workshop, Shaina Rosenthal, Jenny O’Hara, Ray Xifo, Sarah Malkin, and William Duffy.

To the tremendous crew at the Colony Theatre: From Box Office to Marketing/PR to tech. Thank you for investing so much and for making everything work so seamlessly.
In regard to the many artists who have conspired to create the physical world of Family Planning: Just look at that stage! Look at those leaves and the light and that set! Not to mention the costumes and did you hear that wonderful music? Is it just me or does anyone else want to live in that house for real? That is some magic right there. Thank you, thank you, all of you.

Christina, Bruce, Dee Ann, and Jack: Your dedication and talent is stunning. I am so thrilled that each of you agreed to inhabit the characters of Family Planning. Talk about magic.

Cameron Watson is ridiculously talented. We are all so lucky that he shares his great gifts with the LA theatre community. I am very fortunate to have him as the captain of this lifeboat.

Barbara Beckley, my everlasting thanks for all you do for LA Theatre and for giving Family Planning a beautiful home.

Finally, there is no way I could do anything without the love and support of my husband, Max, and my son, Henry. It is much easier to face a blinking, blank computer page when you know guys like that believe in you.

~ Michelle Kholos Brooks


How many times have you seen this sign at a box office?


What it’s really saying is “Be sure you don’t get sick, or have a last-minute family emergency or car trouble on the way to the theatre.  Now that we have your money we don’t care.

Here’s another one I saw recently in a season brochure:

Play titles and schedule subject to change without notice. 
Subscription sales are NON-REFUNDABLE!

In other words “We don’t have to live up to our commitment to you because we’ve got your money.

Am I missing something here?  Are theatres doing so well that they can afford to drive people away like this?

Of course not.  These days we’re constantly hearing that audiences are dwindling and theatres are struggling to survive.  Yet unfriendly warnings at the point of purchase continue to be standard in our world.

Not so at The Colony.  We understand that life isn’t always predictable.  Things happen.  And sometimes they happen on the date and time stamped on your tickets.

This is not a problem.

If something comes up and you can’t make it, give us a call even if it’s only fifteen minutes before the performance.  We’ll happily book you for another date (if you’re not a subscriber there’s a very small service fee). If we can’t find a performance that works in your schedule, we’ll give you credit for a tax-deductible donation. If none of these options appeal, we’ll give you a refund. If you subscribe and, partway through the season, something happens in your life that makes it impossible for you to continue – or even if you just decide our shows are not for you – we’ll refund the balance of your subscription, no questions asked.

We want you to come to our shows, and we don’t want you to worry that you might be disappointed – for whatever reason – when you hand us your money.

That’s a promise.

Barbara Beckley
Artistic Director


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