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Colony Revels in "Bedroom Farce"
Stage Beat by T.H. McCulloh, Special To The Los Angeles Times, March 1, 1991

The Colony Studio Theatre in Silver Lake is presenting a fine tribute to the playwright in its revival of Alan Ayckbournís "Bedroom Farce." The company knows the style and, under Allison Liddiís buoyant direction, they revel in the playís conceits.

Taking place ó sometimes simultaneously ó in three bedrooms on a hectic Saturday night in London, even the settings have their own personalities and are as much a part of the action as the frenzied characters. (David Votopyan did the design, Jamie McAllister the expert lighting).

Bonita Friedericy is irresistible as the distracted Susannah, as is Jonathan Palmer as her little-boy-lost husband Trevor. In the frenetic roles of their friends Malcom and Kate the physical comedy of David Rose and Denise Dillard could not be more on button.

Josh Gordon suffers beautifully and hilariously as Nick, with a glitch in his spine that keeps him from attending Malcom and Kateís housewarming, and Kristina Coggins as his wife, who goes without him, uses Janís coolness as fine counterpoint to the madness about her. As Trevorís beleaguered parents, calmly celebrating their wedding anniversary in spite of interruptions, Dinah Anne Rogers and William A. Porter also provide charming grace notes of sanity within the insane.

Liddi conducts the play like the piece of comic music it is, and one can almost imagine Ayckbourn humming along gracefully.

Copyright 1991 Los Angeles Times 
Reprinted with Permission
Bedroom Farce at the Colony Theatre