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The Colony Theatre

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The Diary of Anne Frank, 1978


The Crucible, 1974


The Colony Theatre Company began its distinguished history of continuous production in 1975, when it was incorporated as a non-profit organization by a group of young Los Angeles television actors eager to return to their theatre roots. It was to remain in residence at the 99-seat Studio Theatre Playhouse in the Silver Lake district of Los Angeles for the next 25 years.


In January of 1996, the Council awarded the building to The Colony, and allocated city funds to convert it to a state-of-the-art performance space. After four years devoted to design and construction, the company moved into its new Burbank home in 2000, becoming officially The Colony Theatre Company in Residence at Burbank Center Stage, a fully operating Equity theatre.


The Colony Theatre began in 1975. Visit our spacious and intimate theatre, listed as one of the top 25 Notable US Theatre Companies.


The spacious, yet intimate facility features stadium seating with a clear view of the thrust stage from every seat, an elegant but comfortable lobby, many restaurants within walking distance, and plenty of safe, free parking.

The Colony Theatre has evolved into a well-established, award-winning, nationally recognized theatre, renowned for the extremely high quality of its productions. It has received countless awards for excellence, and has been listed in the Encyclopedia Britannica Almanac as one of "25 Notable US Theater Companies."

We actively cultivate an environment that encourages collaboration, dedication, discipline, and joyous creativity, while developing the next generation of artists and audiences. The Colony continues to produce and program innovative, cutting edge shows and events appropriate for all ages, while being a launching pad for Broadway and Off- Broadway shows, as well as a performing destination for LA and Broadway's brightest stars and productions, a space for top casting directors to cast, filmmakers to shoot, and the community to engage.


The Colony Theatre in Burbank.  Los Angeles theatre named top 25 notable theatre companies.


The mission of The Colony Theatre is to stimulate, inspire, illuminate, and celebrate our common humanity through the shared experience of live, professional theater. We are dedicated to creating a wide range of compelling, well-crafted plays, musicals, and live events that entertain and enrich our audience's imagination, take them on a rewarding emotional journey, and nourish a lifelong passion for the arts. We are committed to providing unique and varied opportunities for experienced artists and eager-to-learn beginners.


 We believe in producing innovative and

cutting edge shows and events appropriate for all ages. We

continue to program and produce shows that affirm universal

human values and nurture creativity and professionalism in the

next generation. Our variety of live arts events - visual, dance, and

performing arts - have established our theatre as a cultural center

for the community. It is our belief that we can best serve our

community by producing and presenting works that bring people

together across cultural, political, generational, and ethnic

divides. We believe live theatre and events have the power to

change lives through illumination of issues all human beings

share, using the art of dramatic and comedic storytelling to

engage our audiences and take them on a journey of discovery of

themselves and the world around them.

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